• 2006-12-20

    Getting bored of IKEA? - [The Art of Shopping]


    A little new inspiration for new flat? Although I do not see any clue of my own flat, I don't mind imagining what it would like. I admit visiting IKEA frequenly for some household products and I also want to take a look at IKEA Beijing Wangjing Branch which is the second largest IKEA shops in the world. Of course There are 1200 parkings for free. However, simple-fashion urbanstyle from North Europe is not my most desired type when speaking of home decoration.
    Yesterday when I was on a autobus, it passed a store selling wallpaper. Nowadays wallpaper is rarely used in normal new flat decoration but I've taken a fancy to the combination of vintageous and orientalized prints  and bold black-and-white stripes. I also like Zelkova furnitures.
    See it's not like neither a typical sitting room nor a bedroom, of course it's Topshop!