• 2006-11-12

    Fierce Internet Shopper - [Iris Style]


    Ebay now is my daily visit website, I know it's quite outdated to catch up Ebay. However, it's the first time that I tried buying clothes on internet. One biggest trick of shopping online is that most fabrics and materials look far better than they actually are.  Can not try them on by ourselves just comes after. Luckily that I get a barely normal shape, a quite standard UK 8 and UK 10 especially when I shop at TOPSHOP and rich shopping experiences help me a lot to choose pieces that suit me without fitting.
    Being stood out of department store and malls after coming here, I rarely keep the "SALE" word in mind. Even I did not buy anything at any department stores during last summer sale, Incredible! The only discount I can get is the VIP treat from In purpurin. But the sneaky price of it for most winter clothes just about puring cold water on my enthusiasm. ¥1100 for a one-piece satin dress, albeit, yeah it's fab. Terrifying prices pushed me to appeal to Ebay for cheapie raid. 
    Then I got one silk scarf, one houndstooth scarf, one woolen little black dress from Ebay last week. I wore the satisfying black dress yesterday and it absolutely fits my body. Ah, a good beginning for Ebay purchasing. A-line is not really "me" while I prefer X-shape for instance vintageous printed one-piece.
    Anyhow, it's good not to limit my aim source to In purpurin, mng and Zara... nay, over-priced and crowded. I saw some terrific See by Cholé, Ralph Lauren pieces with the price that I can afford, but, I don't know did those over one thudsand stuffs come from. Basically, the price is proportional to quality in in purpurin, it's worth to invest something awesome but expensive, it's not too overpriced usually. Yet, the situation is different in Zara.